Contracting & Credentialing

Industry experts on your side!

  • One contract provides immediate access to all facilities in a designated market or more than 2,700+ facilities nationwide.
  • Our uniform definitions and rate structure provide easy forecasting and cost management.
  • MNS’ credentialing standards are the highest in the industry, and MNS has been granted delegated credentialing by numerous contracted payors.
  • MNS electronically maintains all documents for easy audit/transfer of information.
  • MNS streamlines credentialing and compliance procedures.
  • MNS does not own or operate any facilities allowing us to offer unbiased monitoring of quality and administrative compliance.

All MNS services are provided to our contracted payors at no cost.

Payor Gateway

If you are a contracted payor using our management portal, click the button below to enter the gateway.

If you are a contracted payor and you would like to use our management gateway, please contact

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