Specialty Programs

Risk Adjustment Assessment Programs

In 2012, MNS ran a pilot program to provide for the completion of annual comprehensive assessments for a national payor’s Medicare Advantage enrollees in 7 counties in Northeast Ohio. The pilot ran from mid-January to August, and provided for the completion of 256 assessments in 111 different skilled nursing facilities. This program was designed to improve quality of care and help reduce avoidable hospital admissions and readmissions.

Payors can use these assessments to:

  • Ensure that accurate member health information is submitted to CMS.
  • Reduce hospital admissions and re-admissions.
  • Refer applicable members into specialty medical management programs.

Currently, CMS Medicare Payor Compliance will accept these assessments for risk adjustment purposes, which could possibly result in an increase in the per member/per month remittance you receive.

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Consulting Services

MNS recognizes that many SNF customers simply need a trusted partner to help advise them on how best to capitalize on the growing managed care population. MNS now offers consulting services covering a wide array of managed care topics, including:

  • Identifying and Obtaining Contracts
  • Managing Credentialing
  • Developing and Implementing Marketing Programs
  • Driving and Streamlining Admissions
  • Improving Care Coordination and Clinical Update Processes
  • Reviewing and Enhancing Billing/Claims/Collections
  • Training and Education Programs

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Payor Gateway

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